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Auditory Integration Treatment

Digital Auditory Aerobics

This Auditory Integration Treatment is a form of intensive, yet non-invasive treatment for those suffering from auditory processing issues including sensitivity to sounds and distortions in hearing. Such issues are often more prevalent in individuals who have had multiple ear infections and/or with a diagnosed auditory processing disorder, learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, sensory integration disorder, or language disorder. Such issues can have a significant impact on a child’s language (expressive and receptive); social interaction; attention; academic performance; and overall behavior.


Auditory Integration Treatment is a sound-based listening program that targets the neuro-muscular aspects of hearing that impact auditory processing skills. This service is provided as a ”package” which includes an initial consultation, 2 audiograms (pre-treatment and midpoint); a tympanogram (to assure there is no fluid in the inner ear); 20 treatment sessions (X 2/day for 10 days); and follow-up appointments for the next year (at 1, 3, 9, &12 months post-treatment).  Check out our article that was featured in the Reading Eagle: July 20, 2012 - Making sense of sound: Therapy trains ears of those who have trouble processing what they hear.


The Center for Pediatric Therapy is 1 of only 6 locations in Pennsylvania where this type of specialty treatment can be obtained. Refer to                                                                 for additional information.



We work collaboratively with Dr. Mindy Bruderick and Dr. Bre Meyers at                                                                .

They provide the audiometric testing portion of our Auditory Integration Treatment program. In addition, Berks Hearing Professionals provides other audiological evaluation services including diagnostic testing for Auditory Processing Disorder. This has been a valuable referral resource option for our families.

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