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Fun n’ Fit group classes will focus on improving strength, balance, agility, coordination and aerobic endurance, as well as sport and gross motor skills. They will include activities to promote individual success, team work, and positive attitudes about fitness, as well as education about healthy eating habits. If your child is currently receiving individual therapy, our group sessions may be a great supplement to or transition from those programs. Individualized activities may also be incorporated in order to address your child’s specific needs.


Our groups are designed to help kids experience the benefits of physical activity through fun, effective exercises and games. The goal is not to make your child an all-star athlete, but rather to promote greater confidence and feelings about living a more active lifestyle. Children will learn about different types of exercise and how to perform them safely. Classes will involve many group activities, where teamwork is highly encouraged and no child will feel left out. Participants will be asked to set their own personal goals in order to learn accountability and challenge themselves towards achieving meaningful success.


Sessions will be lead by a licensed physical therapist with experience working with children of all ages and abilities. The program will be available at our facility and through outreach efforts in the community (schools, childcare centers, etc.) Availability and placement in groups is dependent upon age and level of children interested.


Please call us for more information, to learn about opportunities to host a group, or to sign up for a group today!

Fun n' Fit

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