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Social Skills Program

  • Small groups designed to effectively combine the benefits of targeting individual therapy needs with dynamic peer-to-peer interaction

  • Our focus is to establish the best foundation for a child's succcess in a variety of settings including school, home, play and during sports or other extracurricular activities

  • The specialization and experience level of our staff allows greater emphasis on specific needs of the children involved (i.e. self-regulation, autism spectrum issues, self-esteem, anger management, etc.)

Infant/Toddler Program

  • We provide screening and evaluation to determine current skills and areas of delay so you can address your concerns early and immediately

  • We offer treatment of torticollis and other orthopedic conditions, and include instruction of exercises and positioning strategies

  • Fussy baby??  We can help parents understand why their child responds negatively or seeks out certain types of sensory input and provide strategies to help

Auditory Integration Treatment

  • Digital Auditory Aerobics is a form of Auditory Integration Treatment that our therapists are trained in

  • This is a sound-based listening program that targets the neuro-muscular aspects of hearing that impact auditory processing skills

Feeding Therapy

  • We provide strategies for oral motor strengthening and coordination for chewing, tongue movement and swallowing

  • For picky eaters: we assist with oral defensiveness, texture issues and food elimination

Fun n' Fit

  • Wellness groups led by a licensed physical therapist to promote positive attitudes about fitness

  • Get in shape and learn about the benefits of exercise all while having fun with peers!

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